What if conferences would be as easily accessible as music?
Facebook F8 – Photo from livereach

The Problem

At every conference, there is a lot of information to gather. A website, some flyers and emails in advance, later on more mails, a map, some printed schedules, an extra app to download, and so on.. All of that for just a couple of days?

A lot of paper wasted, the app deinstalled again, a lot of cards collected. Why do we need for every event so many confusing elements to visit one conference? Would it not be great to have it on one place?

Not only visitors struggle, as we can see, speakers have the issue to spread the word about their talks.

That is why we developed meetup. An app, that combines all conferences in one feed.

Conferences, talks, even speakers are gathered in one place, allowing you to save your events, to buy tickets, to keep in track of changes, to discuss with other participants, to get quickly to your conference site as well as event room, and much more!

Not only before or during the event, but also after, so you do not lose important thoughts, interesting contacts or simply beautiful memories.

All Conferences In One Place

In one feed, you see all the events you are going to, that might interest you or your friends or where your favourite speaker is presenting the next time, so you can always keep track.

Everything You Need To Know About An Event

You want to know, where the conference or event takes place, ho to expect to talk or who might geht there you know?
meetup allows you to see all in one place, without downloading the extra app. In addition to that you can even buy your ticket, order your flight and book your room, all within the app.

Talk, Discuss And Remember Your Experience

You have questions beforehand? Ask the speaker! Found other people who are interested in your topic? Discuss your thoughts with them. Want to remember what you thought abour the presentation? Write your notes and access them afterwards again.
Before, during and even after the event you will be able to see here new photos, infos and interesting topics.

Follow Your Favourite Speakers And Meetups

You love a specific speaker or just are a fan of one conference? Follow them to see them within your feed and be updated about new events, that might interest you.

Push Notifications

Right before an event starts you will get a notification about the place of your next meetup.

Keep Your Schedule

See in one place all your conferences, events and meetups, when they are scheduled and where they are. By connecting it to your calendar you can always keep store the information also with your regular timetables.

Connect With Social Media

Got to know someone interesting? Follow them or get connected with the social networks you prefer. Write them in messenger or have look at which events they are going. Of course you have full control of what other people see about yourself or where to get in touch with you.

Technical Infos

Places Graph

When at the conference, the Place Information API allows users to recieve place-related information, like detailed infos about the talk and speaker of the near by conference rooms and stages.

Social Connectivity

Why need a new tool to message between each other? Using your already existing Facebook community you can connect to each other or write within the Messenger. meetup simply helps you finding the right person so you do not need to switch always between apps.

Event Setup

Either events or conferences most likely already have a Facebook page. So why not use this already written information? Using the Page-API, conferences can easily setup their information and manage their events conveniently.

Messenger Chatbot

Are there lockers available at the conference? Where can I find vegan food? Where can I charge my phone?

Conference attendees often have the same questions. Chatbots make it easier for users to find the right answer. The Conference Messenager can also be used for sponsored messages from the conferences sponsors and offer attendes

→ Developed for devcommunitychallenge by facebook